Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The not so Economical Times

The various uses of The Economic Times that gets delivered to my room each day:

1. A swatter to get rid of random bugs that enter my room later in the day.
2. A psuedo carpet when I need to keep my laptop on the floor.
3. An instrument to catch up with the current date and day of the week.
4. A base for all my shelves, to keep my more important stuff clean.
5. Something to stuff the spaces between the window ledge and the wall.
6. A weapon to drive away lizards in Aditi's room and my room.
7. A decoration item to fill up empty rows in my plastic shelf.
8. A hand fan, when the power goes off.
9. Paper balls, a way of showing appreciation during the juniors' Maxi Bazaar's Ad spoofs.
10. A plate, while I eat biscuits and really hot night-canteen goodies.
11. A way to show people who visit my room that I am fin-focussed.

And still not worth Rs 3 a day....