Thursday, November 29, 2007

Bollywood calling

Second year at a business school means that all the movie screenings, grax sessions, sitcoms and sports, are interrupted by classes once in a while. Even then, I have by far stayed true to my resolution of watching more movies and understanding life better. Pursuing this aspiration, I watched quite a few Hindi movies in the past few days and the insight I have got from them is worth blogging about. My first movie review post! In the order of viewing…

OM SHANTI OM: The good - Deepika Padukone, The bad - the second half and The ugly – A 42 year old Shah Rukh Khan doing an item number. Lets start from the beginning. Deepika… ah! This pretty lass from my home city has lived up to the reputation of her college. And she knows how to act! With her wearing unnecessarily low-necked clothes, I think I was one of the few people in the audi paying attention to the story line, at least in the first half. After which, there was none to follow anyway. And I lost all hope when Shah Rukh decided that showing off his skeletal body and spraying water at the camera is hot! Puhlease! The pace of the movie suddenly picks up and ends rather weirdly after a promising start. But, this is entertainment - A superstar, a hot girl, some comedy, some tragedy, songs and a climax. Predictable, yet tolerable. To bolo Om! Shanti Om!

JOHNNY GADDAR: Honestly, one of the best Hindi movies I have ever watched. Johnny Gaddar was thrilling, fun and kept me on the edge of my seat. Absolutely unpredictable, intelligent and precise, it was time well spent. The script was super and the director seemed well in control of the movie. It has borrowed from many sources, but it has credited its inspirations too. The right mix of everything and a great music track to listen to as well! This movie is a must watch, no excuses please. You’ll thank me.

JAB WE MET: In case you are looking for an intellectually stimulating movie watching experience, then stay away. But if you are looking to pass time and can do with a no-brainer movie, then this is the one. Trying hard to be a ‘romantic-comedy’, Jab We Met almost makes it. The first half is simply nice and a pleasure to watch. The second half gets sentimental and gooey, but is tolerable. Songs are used well and the movie does not assume that the viewer is stupid. For someone who is expecting to watch a fun movie, the beginning will be shocking and that, I believe is where the movie scores. Overall, its definitely a good pick. This coming from someone who watched it twice, on consecutive days :D

DON (2006): Easily the worst movie of the lot. I could not understand the end at all and decided to watch the original movie immediately for some help. Don (1978) is better by a huge margin and I watched it with all my heart even though I knew the plot. Don (2006) only makes sense in the parts that it has directly lifted from the original. Wherever it digresses, the movie loses absolutely all traces of logic. If you do want to invest some time, watch the original! Priyanka Chopra is hot, but so is Zeenat Aman. And Shah Rukh Khan is great, but he can’t match up to the Big B. No way! I warn you, if you are sane, do not watch this movie!

There you go, that is my two cents’ worth. I am in no means qualified to judge movies, but what the heck! Its my blog!

Any suggestions for my next spree of movies?