Monday, October 15, 2007

Food for thought...

When I went home for the term break, this September
I had the best vacation, as far as I can remember.
"You look wonderful", said my gleaming Mummy,
"Except you seem fat, just look at your tummy!"

I heard those words and made up my mind
I would run the miles, I would hit the grind.
I resolved I should be better than what I had been
The next time I should be thinner, fit and lean.

So, from the next evening, "To the gym!", it was,
My body was the slave, my mind the boss.
I gave it my all, I gave it my best.
It was all work and toil, no sleep, no rest.

I ran on the treadmill, I cycled at one place,
I twisted and turned till I was in a daze.
I realized in my quest to reduce one size,
That there is nothing better than exercise.

From my fit friends, I asked for nutritious advice.
They said, "Put down the ice-cream, cut down on rice!"
So within a month I started feeling good,
I loved the workouts, but hated giving up on food.

Finally I cracked, when I saw a burger on screen.
It looked like the most delicious thing I had ever seen.
Ah! The huge chunks of beef and the melting cheese!
I had to have it. It was more than just a tease.

I forgot about the calories, I chucked the boring diet.
I ate like a maniac, my plate was a riot!
I had a cheesy burger, lots of fries I ate.
I devoured my lasagne, finished with chocolate.

The food was delicious, the dinner was great.
I felt no guilt, I cared a damn about my weight.
What good is life, without chocolate and cheese?
And what good is food, without a little bit of grease?

So, Sorry Mom! For I can't get any thinner!
I really need my grub. I am, but a sinner.
So, the next time you see me, don't be surprised,
If I am 70 inches broad and 40 inches wide!

- Sumana Manohar
(A productive Ethics class, 15th Oct)

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

25 Random Elephant Poles

I am an ordinary person with extraordinary dreams. And I have always believed in working towards making them come true. But the problem with this approach is that I tend to sleep so much, that I can hardly keep track of what I dream of. Nowadays, my dreams have just gotten too bizarre. And then there have been rare occasions when I can clearly remember my dreams when I wake up in the morning. Today was one such day. Except, morning was 1330 hrs.

Great researchers have always said that no dream is meaningless. They speak out secrets from our innermost conscience that we are usually unaware of. Deciphering a dream may be tough, but it is usually worthwhile. We can interpret hidden sources of guilt and deeply buried feelings for a second guy, among other things. Even though I completely disregard publicized research for personal reasons, I could not help but decide that I needed to act on today’s dream. It was so shockingly clear that I know I should not let it go without trying to interpret it.

This ‘morning’ I dreamt of XLRI and an arbit award ceremony. Clouded faces were getting super shiny trophies, while I waited, standing in the Fr Enright Hall. And then finally, my name was called out for writing the best book. I lifted my trophy high and gleamed at the noisy crowd, and then I was given a copy of my own book. It was called “25 Random Elephant Poles”. At this particular instant, I woke up with a start.

For a couple of hours I could not get the image out of my head. It seemed so realistic. All day I thought of this dream and tried to comprehend it. I understand Fr Enright Hall, I spent most of last night there, till the wee hours of the this morning. I understand a noisy crowd too. An award ceremony is weird, but a reward for writing a book is more than acceptable. But what has completely taken me by surprise is the title. ‘25 Random Elephant Poles’. It was bright, shiny and shocking enough to wake me, out of a 5 hour slumber. What could it mean?

I might take several years to understand that, but I felt it was necessary to do something about it. This gave me a vision, I’ll probably end up writing a book called 25 Random Elephant Poles some day. Anyway for a start, here is what I have envisioned for the back of my book.


“A superbly written tale with heart wrenching scenes and stomach crunching comedy”- Outlook.

“A must read for everyone, no one should miss this story” – Times of India.

“The intricacy of words blends with the simplicity of ideas, to make this book a page-turner till the end” – India Today

This is a story of a little girl who leaves her protected home to enter the real world of ruthlessness, danger and love. She entices 25 men by the time she’s 25 and then leaves her country for an incredible adventure. Among other things, she hikes to random locations and experiences random cultures. A near-death experience compels her to be compassionate to elephants. She finally lands in Poland to realize that her heart belongs to the Poles. And then, her life takes a stranger twist. Will she survive this one?

To fit in to her shoes may be impossible, but the walk by her side is sufficient. This journey from an innocent girl to a woman with wisdom is a fresh breath of literature to this fast moving generation. ””

It may seem highly unlikely, but if you ever come across this book, well… err, do buy it. It is award winning after all!