Saturday, December 02, 2006

My Room!

When I was in Std 3, I dreamt that when I'd be 20, I'd somehow land up in XLRI. My dream was so full of detail that when I woke up, I actually remembered every minute feature of the room I was supposed to be living in. So much so, that I immediately grabbed a piece of paper and wrote a poem about it. 13 years down the line, I miraculously found that sheet of paper and in it was scrawled my thoughts about my future abode. And believe it or not, it matches perfectly!! I knew this miracle should not be kept in secret any more, so I have decided to share it with the world. So here goes...

"I love my room, it is really cool
It is the best room, in the entire B-School.

I love my room, it is really airy
when it gets dark, it doesn't get scary.

I love my room, it is pretty high,
when I look around, I just go 'sigh!'

I love my room, it is the best on the floor,
It has a lovely window and a funky door.

I love my room, it has a smiley poster,
I have a kettle in it, but I don't have a toaster.

I love my room, it is really great,
it keeps me company when I have no date.

I love my room, it looks really bright
Not because of the lighting, but its painted white.

I love my room, because its pretty big
There is so much space when I want to do a jig

I also love my roomie, with whom this room I share
because she is a localite, and she's never there.

I love my room, it is extremely nice,
I like it better when it’s filled with guys.

I love my room, because I live here,
It is my only home in the northern hemisphere.

I love my room and it loves me back,
It feels so amazing everyday, when I hit the sack."

Hmmm.. Now that I live here, I really do feel the same way. I wonder where my poem about my room in the second year is... hmmm.. need to search for that. Just one clarification though. I really do like my roomie.. She's a sweetheart :)