Friday, May 18, 2007

Ta Daa!

I sit here everyday, with restricted internet access, a lot of time to kill, no supervision and with an intention to write. But as soon as I do so, something in my brain constantly tells me that I just haven’t got the flow today, the subject is boring, I am writing for too long and maybe I should just try doing something else. And everyday I tell myself, who cares! Nobody visits this page and even if they do, who cares! But I generally lose it somewhere and I close the page without saving it.

Today I have decided to blurt out everything I want to. After all, if I am the only one reading this, then I have a 100% fan following. I have an interesting life, I have cool friends and I have brilliant opinions too. So…why not?

Speaking about an interesting life, I have an adventurous job. Each day I battle for my life, clinging on to the few inches of safety I am (fortunately) provided with. I travel far away on mountains and rivers, scream my lungs out, battle it out with my deadly enemies and look forward to doing the same the next day. Yeah yeah, in between I work on excel sheets for 10 hours in an AC office, but the ride from home to office and back is indeed scary. And yeah, only if you want to, replace the mountains with road humps, rivers with gutters, screaming with silent prayers and the deadly enemy with my suicidal driver. And looking forward, to absolutely not!

I also hang out all the time with two of my grooviest friends. Both of them are unusually interesting, intellectually brilliant and the most fun people. We spend most of our time watching South Park or movies like, ahem, Pirates of the Caribbean, and the like. We zoom around on bikes late night and eat out everyday. It is a good life! I accept that most of our hanging around time is inside the classroom, we study quite a bit, occasionally eat right-outside-campus dosas and that the 3 of us struggle on one bike, but we do have our share of good fun. Our intellectual talks are mostly useless arguments on movies, non-vegetarianism and coming on time for mess dinner. But the two of them are studs, they each have a girlfriend of their own! You can’t take that away from them. (I know what you are thinking, yes, both of them are guys).

While I am getting old, I am mostly involved in activities that include trying to write, pretending to work, sleeping with my eyes open and copy pasting excel sheets. I used to love watching cricket, (I still do, actually) and I completely worship The Wall on my wall. I do have my opinions and thoughts, but we’ll save it for another time, shall we?


AB Van Kenabi said...

Yeah yeah, in between I work on excel sheets for 10 hours in an AC office

Amen to that!
and yeah...join the gang! :)

Unknown said...

If you see the above guy's profile, you see his profile name is AB Van Kenabe.

Firstly, it should be AB Wan Kenabe.

Secondly, the 'A' in AB stands for Ashoka. The 'B' in AB stands for..whatever Tamil word you use most frequently :D