Monday, October 15, 2007

Food for thought...

When I went home for the term break, this September
I had the best vacation, as far as I can remember.
"You look wonderful", said my gleaming Mummy,
"Except you seem fat, just look at your tummy!"

I heard those words and made up my mind
I would run the miles, I would hit the grind.
I resolved I should be better than what I had been
The next time I should be thinner, fit and lean.

So, from the next evening, "To the gym!", it was,
My body was the slave, my mind the boss.
I gave it my all, I gave it my best.
It was all work and toil, no sleep, no rest.

I ran on the treadmill, I cycled at one place,
I twisted and turned till I was in a daze.
I realized in my quest to reduce one size,
That there is nothing better than exercise.

From my fit friends, I asked for nutritious advice.
They said, "Put down the ice-cream, cut down on rice!"
So within a month I started feeling good,
I loved the workouts, but hated giving up on food.

Finally I cracked, when I saw a burger on screen.
It looked like the most delicious thing I had ever seen.
Ah! The huge chunks of beef and the melting cheese!
I had to have it. It was more than just a tease.

I forgot about the calories, I chucked the boring diet.
I ate like a maniac, my plate was a riot!
I had a cheesy burger, lots of fries I ate.
I devoured my lasagne, finished with chocolate.

The food was delicious, the dinner was great.
I felt no guilt, I cared a damn about my weight.
What good is life, without chocolate and cheese?
And what good is food, without a little bit of grease?

So, Sorry Mom! For I can't get any thinner!
I really need my grub. I am, but a sinner.
So, the next time you see me, don't be surprised,
If I am 70 inches broad and 40 inches wide!

- Sumana Manohar
(A productive Ethics class, 15th Oct)


Unknown said...

How come you only got influenced by the burgers in Pulp Fiction? Did Fabienne not have any impact upon you? "Potbellies look nice on girls"

It's kinda true!

Jonas said...

Superfolk in general, and supergirls in particular, need not and DO NOT go on diets!! spoils their image! :P

and finally, a worthy reason to attend ethics! :)

Anonymous said...

..and cant i delete a comment over here? :(

- JoJo

Krishna Chaitanya said...

lol....some value add from the ethics course...

made for a light, refreshing and humorous read...

Nethra said...

Once upon a time,
there lived sumana

she was a lazy bum
carboxlylic acid chain was her emblem
she didnt want to fit into her denim

she stopped her workout,
from her rigid diet, she walked out
even though it made her worn-out,
It kept her fit throughout

but she lived happily ever after
coz no sane bachelor
wanted to marry this author
who a wrote a book on poles
and elephants the size of fishbowls

******THE END******

Ok children,
i want you to byheart stanza 2 and 3.
mark you, you have to learn everything including punctuations........

The Lonely Backpacker said...

I just "Relished" the poem ( well I was carried by your "burger" stuff)....

P.s. really nice post :)

Krishnamurti said...

wow are u plonkable now too? good fun tat wud be.

SuperMus said...

@shrik - ahem..

@jojo - why would i want anyone to delete comments?

@nethra - err... what!

@bun, KC - thanks :D

Unknown said...

nice poem .... it talks abotu my ilk :):) ... y dont u mention stuff like u were inspired by me to take up running blah blah .... it will give me some positive press :D:D ... need it badly :)