Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Ah! Its that time of the year again when we make 'the best of 20xx' lists. And why should I be left behind? And yet, why should I stick to the rules, eh? So here it is... the typical, yet hopefully unique list of my own.

The bottom 5 ways to start an awful testimonial to the ones we call friends :
(The examples are real and surprisingly frequent. For our convenience lets generalize these friends and call him 'Tarzan'.**)

1. Well, what can I say about Tarzan?
2. Hey Tarzan, I have finally decided to write you a testimonial.
3. The 26 alphabets in the English script are not enough to write about Tarzan/ The 1284 pages of the Advanced Learners Oxford Dictionary are not enough to describe the goodness of Tarzan.
4. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....
T for Tacky
A for Affectionate
R for Ravenous
Z for Zebraish
A for Amazing
N for Naughty

People!!! The art of writing a testimonial is.. well, an art. Let your creative juices (only) flow. Use your imagination. And write about the person. Everyone from long lost friends to potential life partners look at your friend's profile page. Think before you write, please!

With this rude and pointless critique, I hope to have been of good service to my fellow fellows on earth. With this, I shall go back to further researching unknown testimonials on orkut!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 'Hic!

**Tarzan is a fictional name and any resemblance to a person living, dead or pornographic is purely coincidental.


Unknown said...

Refer statement made in Yahoo! Messenger chat window.


Unknown said...

shrik: [bleep]
shrik: This was hilarious

Unknown said...

funkkky post .... who s tarzan btw :D

Unknown said...

One more thing...ppl sometimes tend to write very long testimonials. No visitor will have the patience to read such long testimonials.


The Lonely Backpacker said...

even I want to know who that tarzan is ...

p.s. Btw how do you know that tarzan might be a porno name ??? :P

Alok Beel said...

Good advice..liked ur poem though....

kal said...

good stuff!