Monday, March 03, 2008

Farewell, XL

Two years gone past,
Too soon, too fast
My time on heaven,
Has come to end, at last.

The place that let me be me
And taught me how to see
Oh! I don’t want to leave
The place that set me free

The place that let me grow
A chance to let me show
The world that I am here!
It’s so hard to let it go.

A place that gave me friends
More in the future, it intends
Why should I still be around?
When my time here ends?

A place where I had my say
Lead me, shown me the way
Why should I leave XL?
When I so badly want to stay?

Yet I depart with no regret,
No worries, I shall not fret
Except I know inside my head
It shall be so very hard to forget

Glad to have been here
A place too special and dear
Very far though I may go,
XL! You shall always be near…


Anonymous said...

Waaaahh... Don't go, any of you! We won't know what to do! :(

Unknown said...

brilliant .... moving pretty much wrote all that i would like to :P:P....