Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Goodbye’s a bitch

I sit on the grass… alone. Four floors of people in front of me, smiling faces eating merrily on my right. A bunch of people sitting on the bench under the tree, laughing. I used to be one of them, not so long ago. But my time is up. This place has tolerated me enough. It’s time to leave.

Leaving XLRI is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. XL has given me more than anything I could ask for. Tonight, I leave XL, hoping that I could return some time, knowing that it wouldn’t be the same. Knowing that I would never be the same. I tried to absorb as much of this place as possible. I stayed here for two weeks in a virtually empty campus and then stayed back after convocation. But it’s never going to be enough. I wish I could write down the things that are running in my head right now, but they’re all stupid. XL has left an indelible mark on me, but I’m just another student from one of the 50 batches here. Yet, I am attempting to leave a record, so here goes.

Roll number : B06115
Youngest in the batch of 2006-08, the only one to enter at 19.
Lived in rooms 206 and 103 at TMTWR, had great neighbours.
My daily schedule included an hour of basketball, gymming and lots of tea.
Played, lost, won and enjoyed to the fullest in XL-IIMC.
One of the few genuine Library lovers at XL.
Scared of the third staircase in the acad block.
A regular at the badminton court, lost so many TT games in GH-3.
Loved Bishu Da’s fried maggi and egg roll, Daadu’s chutney cheese sandwich and nimbu paani.
Didn’t drink at a single wetnite, but danced my heart out every time.
Made some great friends, learnt some great things.
And I’m taking back a big piece of XL with me, intending to hold on to it forever.

I shot my last free throw and took my last lay-up on the baski court, walked my last walk around the football field, visited the library for the final time, ate burgers at HongKong, drank my last glass of nimbu paani at Daadu’s, played my last TT game, took my last shower… everything seems to be moving in slow motion. But these two hours will pass. And soon, I’ll be on my way home, from home.

People are scared of heights and water. I am scared of growing up.

I don’t know if any phase in my life can beat this. The fun I’ve had… the good times. I don’t want to work, I don’t want to go back home. I don’t want to stop writing. I don’t want to look at the time.

But I have to. Goodbye’s a bitch.

Signing out. My last post from XL.

- Mus


Devika said...

Your post gave me goosebumps. Not least because, next year, that'll be me. Even though I've seen what each of you is going through in having to leave this place, I still don't think I'll be prepared next year.

Btw.. my list next year would have quite a few of the things on yours. Hopefully including the 'won XL-IIMC' thing. :D

Ninja said...

Its a sad world.
Good things never last don't they.
But you guys enjoyed this stint till the max didn't ya.

Poor you.
Poor me. Coz I'm gonna miss u ppl. A lot. :-(
But thats how it goes doesn't it.

naween said...

bon voyage :)!

Unknown said...

whoaa!!! heavy post .... but u know as always u have sed everything one mite want to and more ..... cant tell u how much am gonna miss u and XL ..... and wont .... keep writing

Anonymous said...

dont be scared of growing up, coz growing up is what u did the last 2 years..and thaz why the memories...

cudn't agree with u more... goodbye IS a bitch....


Anonymous said...

That post made me feel Nostalgic - I left a place.. Could leave this place I am presently in 6 weeks from now (though fighting hard to stay here)


Sharanya said...

hmmm....scary to think i will be there next year, trying to wish goodbye to intangibles....
will miss u a lot...musana
and bon voyage :)

Nikhil Menon said...

oh man!this is givin me goosebumps...jus can't think of my position after 2 years..You are rite..am gettin scared of growin up now..It kinda demands a lot more from a person and I jus can't get if am kinda good enough for all tht stuff...hmm...

u entered XLRI at 19?? god!!u musb a geek.. :D

SuperMus said...

Me? Geek? Hahahahahaha!
Errrmmm.. more like a nerd, thank you..

And thanks for all the comments!!