Saturday, March 14, 2009

Cold feet

Things running in my head as of now:

The Pros of getting married

1. I’ll never have to wake up alone.
2. I’ll finally get out of my parents’ house.
3. That’ll be the end of lonely weekends.
4. I’ll have the best company to watch sitcoms with. (who else would sing theme songs aloud)
5. My social life will improve radically.
6. There’ll be a drastic drop in phone bills.

The Cons of getting married
1. I’ll have to start cooking soon.
2. I’ll have to find some girl friends.
3. I can never act on my crushes any more.
4. People around me will definitely start treating me differently.
5. I can no longer make fun of people who are older than me.
6. I might have to change my name.
7. I will never fall in love again.
8. House rent/ maid salary/ lunch at office etc. - lesser money in the bank.

Things I can’t classify yet

1. I’ll be married.
2. I’ll be married.
3. I’ll be married.

Either time should stop now. And I should continue living my single life till I’m sick of it. Or the next two months should race by, so that I get done with these stupid thoughts.


Ninja said...

i expect this list to grow on both sides :)

Unknown said...

I don't see why any of the cons should happen.. except maybe 8, but DINK-ness shold take care of that!

SuperMus said...

shrik - thank you ;)
all i needed was your permission for con #3.

Anonymous said...

Of the two options at the end, I would definitely recommend the latter....:P
and you got my eyebrows raised at your cons....I either dont see them as cons, or as Shrik says, dont see why they should happen!...especially #3! ;) an old wedding proverb goes, you change post-marriage only as much as you want to.. :P


Anonymous said...

haha..interesting list...i am sure you will have a lot more to say in a short time for now :)

SuperMus said...

Trust JoJo to give gyaan.. Thanks!

And nefariousoutlook - i tried a lot to figure out who you are. some help?

Metal said...

ok...thank you for summarizing, bulletizing and articulating it so nicely...can be used as base template for future reference! :D ....... i 6 will be the hardest for you..... :D

SuperMus said...

FYI, I did not 'bulletize' it.. I numbered the points. You need some glasses, old man..

(contradicting point 5, I'm still going to make fun of your age :D )

R said...

I guess I can understand it...heheh enjoy the last 2 months!

Nethra said...

what's pic of the week?
i didnt get it...

SuperMus said...

Just look carefully.. read the letters.

This is a photo of our hostel at 'XL'. With some specific lighting arrangements.. sigh!

Saritha Thomas said...

i jus got married on August 29,2009 and afced teh dame dilemma and questions and i cna totally relate to this one lol...but must admit married life aint that bad so far atleast ;)