Monday, June 07, 2010

New leaf, yet again

I can’t believe its mid-2010 already. Didn’t we just celebrate new years? Didn’t I just get married? Didn’t I just start working? I give it some leeway and life just slips away. Milestones have come and gone and the months have rolled by. It’s just so unfair!

Today, I hit the pause button. I took a step back and thought of what I’ve really done in the last year. I’m so ashamed. I have written a sum total aggregate of 3 not-so-great blog posts in a whole year. No, no excuses to this. Coincidentally, I have also read exactly 3 books in the same period. I added one new blog to my Reader list. Sigh! In all this while, I visited just one new country and took one vacation to Pondicherry. I haven’t made any new friends. I gained one size and got a new haircut. And all this at a time when it’s never been more optimal for me to live the way I want. There is no more parental pressure, I have constant (and enthusiastic) company in the best boyfriend ever, I earn a lot of money and there are friends living all around me. A perfect time, wasted.

I would have wanted to read more. And by read, I don’t mean study, which I’ve been doing a lot. I want to pick up more books, follow more blogs, read more opinions. Isn’t that the best way to start writing again? Aaargh, I hope it’s not too late to start over. I want to go places. Weekend trips outside the city, work/non-work trips outside the country and discover more places within Bangalore. I want to play more badminton, TT and basketball. I want to run longer and faster, do a marathon. I want to watch more movies. I want to paint a wall in my house. I want to get some pots and get my hands dirty, in an attempt to make my balcony greener. I want to buy some interesting furniture. I really have to buy some make-up. (I’m 23 and I have never owned any lipstick). I want to sing more often, when I’m sober. I want to try more meat. I want to wear skirts more often. I want to do something charitable. I want to listen to music that I haven’t tried before. I want to meet new people, attend more quizzes. I want to cycle to work one day. I want to be able to do push ups. I want to cook a good meal for a bunch of friends. So much to do!

I can’t believe I let an entire year slip away, doing none of this. Sheesh! Ashamed I tell ya! But this ends here, now.

I’m putting up a list of thing I will do from now on. It’s out for you to see, so please hold me accountable.

By June 30, 2010 I will – Take Shrik to CTR, Malleshwaram and take a walk around Sankey tank, watch at least 3 popular movies that everyone seems to have watched, buy some make-up, start a book and update my mp3 player

By July 31, 2010 I will – Cycle to office on a pleasant day, buy some plants and start my own garden, get some nails and hang up pictures at home, blog more often, start using the make up

By Oct 30, 2010 I will – Get fitter and lose one size, paint a wall, cook a dinner from scratch for a bunch of people

By Dec 31, 2010 I will – Visit one new foreign country, visit Goa, run a mini-marathon, get a voter’s ID.

Hmm. Sounds good? Make sure I do this!


Unknown said...

Eat more meat! You said eat more meat!

Sigh... I guess you'll need someone to show you the way around the various types, eh..?

(Also - woohoo! Fun plan! Permission to tag along for the ride pretty please?!)

DR said...

By 30th June, I will update the poem on my blog to, "My name is Sumana, and I just turned 24!" :)

Good plans. I need to be doing this too. :|

The word verification for this comment is 'songs'. I think that's a good omen. :D

Anonymous said... many thoughts on this one...

- Of course, we shall make sure you do this!

- It always takes the aftermath of the build-up to an intense event (THE exam) to cause a catharsis, doesn't it? :)

- Do get to know Bengaluru inside out. There's a real high involved in 'owning' a city, especially if it's one you have a personal history with.

- I cant wait for the 'dinner from scratch'!

- Who is this 'boyfriend' you talk about?

- What did you make of 'A Serious Man'?

- No, it's never too late to start over...after all, that's the only hope I am living on...

- JoJo

Nethra said...


I have my bucket list since I saw myself thinking this way when employed! (talk abt 'nethraism'!)

It feels GREAT to check off some of the points in the list! trust me!!

i would definitely say that categorizing to dos into long term and short term makes it more achievable....

Anonymous said...

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