Saturday, May 05, 2007

A journey from the unknown to who cares...

Coupled with the fact that my Prof gave me a poor grade in the subject, I hereby declare research as the most useless activity, business or otherwise. I don't think anyone learnt much in the 30 hours of low-volume droning. I apologize Sir, but I definitely did not "Get the point!". But I am not biased towards funded research only because of the course. I picked up these three studies, reported today in the paper (the one that has more scantily clad ladies than heinous crimes in it).

Are women more into toyboys?

"The days of seeing a woman on the arm of a man old enough to be her father might soon be over, for an increasing number of the fairer sex are ditching sugar daddies for toyboys, if a study conducted by the Office of National Statistics, in the UK, is to be believed"

Ok, seriously, why would anybody want to spend money to find out the above "fact". Plus, like the topic of the research isn't compelling enough, they show a picture of a non-bald Britney who forgot her pants, with the guy she apparently first did it with. And they promote the findings of the research like they have discovered the true meaning of life - Women are attracted to younger men, because they are more fun, better in bed and make them feel confident. Bah..

Nemo can find his way back home.
"Scientists studying pristine coral reefs in Papua New Guinea found that 60% of clownfish journeyed back to their tiny home reef after being swept out to the ocean as babies. They injected female fish with a trace of isotope which finds its way into their eggs, and can later be observed in baby fish"
Why?!? Why, oh why! Why would you follow those tiny little fish in that wierdly named country, to see if they went back home? Hasn't Pixar informed us of it anyway. Why would you inject artificial liquids into the supposedly 'funny' fish to find out something so not worth it? What would your tell your wife that night?
"Oh baby! I found out today, that baby clownfish can find their way home."
"Really, honey?"
"Oh, just 60% of them though"
There are btter things to do in the world, get up, get going!

Doing good makes you feel good: study
"Pat Tillman left the NFL to enlist in the Army and fight in Iraq and Afghanistan (where he was killed), but socialite Paris Hilton continually pursues 'a public life of shallowness' What makes people more happy?"
First of all, I'm sorry Pat, you had to share the same paragraph with the hotel waitress. Secondly, these people actually quizzed 65 undergrads for several days on the internet to figure out that meaningful activities, such as helping others, listening to friends and pursuing one's life goals make people happy. Do I need to say more?

Prof Nuclear Country, are you still going to try convincing me that research is worth the journey?


Jonas said...

Heavens! These are mind-blowing findings!...Gimme the link! gimme the link!...atleast for the sake of those scantily clad ladies!

...and how abt the R in ***R? how goes it? :-)

...on a slightly more serious note, Iam actually finding BRM to be the most-useful-but-ignored course for my stint here!

Unknown said...

Hmmm...I wonder which newspaper this could be? Something best used as TOIlet paper, perhaps? :D

As an aside, when you ask the 60% clownfish guy to get up and get going, while he's in bed talking to his wife, and also saying there are better things to do, what do you really mean?? *innocent look*

And hey, our Captain JoJo could always focus on MR next term :P