Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Birthday!

My last few hours as a twenty-year old, I guess its time to sit back and just list down a couple of things I learnt this year. I’m guessing you (in most cases) would be past this age, (Ha! Losers), but what do you know, you might still benefit from it!

1. How to ride a bike! (I’m quite an expert)
2. One needs to stay away from people, if they don’t make one happy.
3. Geeks are the most fun people in the world!
4. Drunk people are extremely funny to watch, especially at 4 am on a wetnite.
5. PJs are enjoyable only to those who crack them and their girlfriends. (ahem!)
6. One tends to speak like another one, if one spends hajaar time with the other one.
7. I can still dance.
8. With experience, one can get up at 8.50 and make it to class (at 9) well in time.
9. Air Deccan completely sucks.
10. Your first salary/stipend changes the way you look at malls and brands.
11. One pack of potato chips is equal to 1 hour in the gym.
12. You can get away with extra luggage on a flight, if you can make Puss-like face.
13. Linux rocks, especially Shisen-Sho.
14. There are 20 different ways to make maggi more delicious, especially late at night.
15. Cheese cake is just unbeatable.
16. Northies just can’t make sambhar.
17. You can have the best year of your life and the most painful one at the same time.
18. Case study analyses aren’t as bad as they sound.
19. There are unlimited ways to pass time in office, even if the internet is restricted.
20. Its amazing to be the youngest in the batch.
21. I can actually sing!
22. Ctrl C + Ctrl V is the solution to half the B-school problems, unfortunately.
23. Coming to XL was the best decision I ever took.
24. Time flies, when you are having the most fun.
25. Most night outs aren’t for assignments, but for arbit conversations with friends.

Things I still haven’t managed to learn
1. How to tie my shoe lace.
2. The importance of Business Research.
3. The art of stress-free shopping.
4. Which is left and which is right, without my watch.
5. How to survive the one-way fundae in Bangalore.


Jonas said...

Super post, super girl! :D
..and it certainly seems to have been ur best year! Congrats!..and best wishes again for an even better year ahead!

Unknown said...

well the pic of the week conveys a "hajaar" things to me :P

n yeah kick ass post man ....

Unknown said...

"PJs are enjoyable only to those who crack them and their girlfriends. (ahem!)"

dammit... dont make it a monopoly :).... n yeah have a blast the whole next year and for years to come after that and entertain losers like me and jojo :P

Unknown said...

and you did not mention who taught you how to ride a bike ,,,
ungrateful wretch ... hmphhhh:(

Unknown said...

Without too much fanfare, let me just say this:

Best. Post. Ever.


SuperMus said...

dei karthik:

1. thanks for all the help with bike, and you too shrik...

2. why do you unnecessarily pull jonas into your category of people?

Jade said...

Hello, Fellow Youngest-in-Batch! Guess I'll meet you here in a couple of days. How weird that you'll be ragging people who are older than you!