Monday, April 28, 2008


Is my life in danger? I live a normal boring urban life and have a corporate job. I hardly take risks. My life is just a routine, nothing new. Does that mean I’m safe? Does that ensure that I hit my bed alive each night? Am I going to live a long life?

According to palmistry, the length of the lifeline on our palms does not indicate our lifespan, but rather how well we live our lives. Nothing can actually guarantee us a long life. Just looking around, I can think of several ways that I can die today. Why! Within the next ten minutes there just might be a huge bomb crashing over my roof. Bangalore apparently is a recent target for some extremist groups, they are probably jealous of the weather. At any time, on any day there might be an attack on my city. I am certainly in danger right now.

Out on the roads it is even riskier. Making my way through all that traffic, especially amongst the most undisciplined drivers and potholed roads in the world, I can never actually say what is going to happen next? A speeding truck, an invisible hole, break failure, an accident waiting to occur.

Taking another human being’s life also seems much more convenient nowadays. I watch stuff on TV, I read the news, I’ve heard horror stories and I’ve seen incidents in front of me. A contract to kill apparently costs some Rs 5000 in Bangalore nowadays. Inflation, obviously has not affected the cost of such services. At home when I’m sleeping, or on the roads, I just might be killed intentionally. For some money, for being a woman… it seems so easy nowadays.

My unhealthy habits can strike at any time as well. The average age for a heart attack, for diabetes and several other maladies that I can’t even think of, has been coming down over the decades. The articles in the newspapers and the internet scare me everyday. The ice creams and chocolates that I innocently hog can come back and kill me, anytime. And even if I get myself to a safe place and ensure that none of these ever occur to me, nature always has a way, doesn’t it. It might be improbable for a Tsunami to strike my city or even a deadly volcano. But what about earthquakes? Floods? Nature’s fury is the deadliest of all. It spares none, nowhere.

Do I want to die? Of course, not! There is so much to do, so many places to see and so much life to live. But am I going to live as long as I want? That’s the million-dollar question.


Unknown said...

Had it been someone else, I would have said "What's wrong with you?"

naween said...

no one dies when he/she wants to. both ways.

Jade said...

Strange post.

SuperMus said...

Selva - heh? what is that supposed to mean?

Naween - profound!

Jade - thanks!!

Arun Sundar said...

Bombs over roof in Blore MNC, speeding truck crushing you!!

U gotta put a hold on u'r imaginations :) Live current moment to the fullest mam. And see you have made me talk pilaasapy!!

Anonymous said...

...but, but...Supergirl cant be killed!...except by kryptonite, maybe... :|

- JoJo

Unknown said...

why the sudden paranoia??????? is it a fallout of the irrepressible boredom ??? [:p]...