Tuesday, May 06, 2008

My wonderwall

He is definitely the only man I’ve been loyal to, since I was 12. The last person I look at before I hit the sack, the first person to greet me in the morning. It seems like he’s been there forever. I’ve shown him admiration, respect, shock and even disgust sometimes. In many ways, he is my God.

Various posters of Rahul Dravid have always adorned my walls. His pictures stuck haphazardly, some lying among closed pages in old unused books. His biography stands dusty, yet proud on my bookshelf. It seems like his ups and downs, matched mine several times. What began as a juvenile craze has grown into devoted admiration. Many years ago, my mom gave up on clearing my room off his presence. The Sachins and Sauravs of this country can pass. At home, Rahul Dravid is revered as no other.

When I was 9 years old, my Dad took me to a local state match. And apparently that was where I first saw him bat (claims my Dad). In the beginning it was probably just his good looks and that soft spot for a fellow Bangalorean that got me to watch him. I was too young to understand his game, to appreciate his finer skills. But over the past 12 years, his growth to the top and events after that is a tremendous story. Always in the shadow of the others, considered an underdog, pushed to unwanted roles by other captains, accused of being boring, blamed for many losses as a captain… he hasn’t had it as rosy as he should have. But his obvious determination, focus and skills are worth appreciating. Unquestionably, the best Indian batsman on foreign soil, the coolest mind in the harshest circumstances… and above all, a gentleman, both on and off the field, Rahul Dravid deserves praise of the highest level.

Watching him struggle with probably the weakest team in the IPL is disheartening. It’s a format that so obviously does not suit him. Losing in front of his home crowd, losing to his juniors from the national team, this could well probably be one of his toughest phases. But like every other time, I know that he will get through it. At some point, he will rise from where he is right now. And then I shall yell, “I told you so!” Don’t you dare write him off!

My hero, my inspiration… Rahul Dravid.


Unknown said...

ahh a much more positive inspiring post .... hope dravid reads this too ... sure does need it ... poor chap looks crestfallen everytime they lose as if its his doing ... but yeah a legend ... one of the best ever ... RESPECT ... period....

P.S: u no longer temme abt ur new posts :(:(

SuperMus said...

Thank you! Thank you!

And I'm not supposed to 'tell' you about my new posts. You are supposed to ckeck often! And I thought I had lost my biggest fan! (according to size i.e.) :D

Roofy said...

We'll still win IPL.. Don't worry..
5 years back people *knew* Dravid cant play one day cricket.. Until he made the century which was overshadowed by Laxman's 281, people even *knew* he couldn't play in tests.. Now we *know* he is not suited for T20.

Anonymous said...

"He is definitely the only man I’ve been loyal to".... :D :D

but seriously, something as silly as a T20 tournament, which no one knows how to play right yet, can never overshadow what Dravid is!

- JoJo

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

So many responses come to mind:

1) I don't believe that anybody feels that way you do about him now ;)

2) He will rise to the challenge. But all the roads that lead him there will be winding.

3) Just maybe, he's gonna be the that saves RCB..

Damn, even more come flooding into the head now, but these are just the most obvious :D

SuperMus said...

Jojo! Start using your name when you comment! Every time, for a spilt second I think that an anonymous mysterious good looking guy has been reading my blog! But it's you.. and you aren't mysterious ;)

Shrik, don't ever stop making me laugh!

Pappul said...

well just for the record, Dravid scored the most runs for Bangalore and I think he also hit the most sixes. He put his more illustrious international stars to shame ... generally people who bad mouth a talented individual do not go into the details before commenting ... the legend of Dravid is for every one to see ... Cheers ... !!