Saturday, June 28, 2008


Alas! My past plans have gone down the drain, my hopes of any productivity at office have been flushed out! My desk is in clear view of all those who are in charge of keeping an eye on the ‘newbies’ at office.. So blogging, is slightly out of the question.

Yet, I have been at my slimiest best and I have tried to keep upbreast of most of what is happening in my little blog world. But I have to confess, I have been a little biased towards blogs that look innocent, even to a keen eye, like this one. Which reminds me, this has been the funniest news article I have read all week! Amrita Rao and her fan following in Peru! Hahaha! I am pretty sure there was one person who recognized Amrita Rao and said, "Hey, isn't she.. someone?" Fan following, indeed!

It now is officially ages since I touched a basketball or since I played badminton. I miss Bschool life like hell. My friends are all away and not completely fine. It pains me that life has to move on. But office is good fun too... new people and good food! And my daily dose of sport comes from Foosball! This Thursday, I played till my fingers bled.. and this is not an exaggeration!

Among other things, I have finally mustered enough courage to pick up "The Lord of the Rings". The sheer volume of pages and the microscopic font have together kept me away from the book for years now. I'm moving at a baby snail's pace of around 20 odd pages a day. Someday, 3 years from now, I'll blog about finishing the book. Sigh!

Big presentation coming up this week, after which we are new joinees no more! Hopefully, after that, life will get back to normal.


Nikhil Menon said...

You had the courage to pick it up atleast now..good!!The sight of that book makes me feel dizzy just for the sheer volume and I haven't yet got outta it..

All the best for the presentation too.. :-)

Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...


Where it wouldn't sound like exaggeration you make a bail..

And where it is an exaggeration.. you write it as reality..

(yes, that is how it should be though!)

Explanation: It is very easy to get your finger bleed while playing foosball.

20 pages is indeed slow (but not snail's pace) and even with that speed, in three years you'd read 21,900 pages (all the 3 parts at least 10 times!)

PS: Sorry, I am a theoretician! :( Can't understand jokes! ;)

Unknown said...

The first paragraph could easily apply to me :(

Preeti Sharma said...


Work has it's ups and downs but not quite as much as college. This was a fun post. Hopefully, the higher powers will trust the young ranks in the office and you can get back to the very productive activity of blogging.