Wednesday, September 09, 2009

What I need

Today was one of those days when I've looked long and hard at my computer screen, the political map of Europe on my notice board, the tree outside my window, a boring company's annual report and the TV screen. I alternated between all of these to ensure no one at office would think I'm sleeping with my eyes open. The conclusion? I need a vacation.

The past 6 months of my life have been ridiculous. I had to handle myself acting nuts about getting married to the love of my life. So many stupid decisions, harsh words, regrets. I ensured in every way possible not to enjoy the wedding, my parents helped me along the way. After that, when I heard office junta speculating about my impending drop in interest at work due to the change in my marital status, I overworked to prove them wrong. I went to work 3 days after the wedding. I went to London for a month and worked an average 15 hours a day. Additionally, I somehow lost control of myself. I ate and fed my boyfriend (yes, I still call him my boyfriend) quite a few low quality meals. We ate a lot more junk, I stopped working out, I returned my bike to my parents, I called up fewer friends. I haven't even been able to finish reading a book and of course, I don't write any more. I just don't write.

It's not that I'm unhappy. I love my new life.. It's fantastic, I've never felt better. But with the change, I gave up everything good about my pre-marriage life too. (When I feel guilty about having a piece of chocolate, I know I've been a slob.)

I need a change, I need a vacation. I need to be around people, in a different place. And I want to play mafia. I want to ride down a scenic highway, I want to have road-side tea. I want my phone to be unreachable, my blackberry to be untouched. I want to scream out bollywood songs, while I'm riding a bike real fast. I want to get drenched in the rain. I need a vacation.

Next post, immediately after I return.


Jade said...

Most people would call a month in London a good vacation, but not I-bankers, I guess. :D

Btw.. When is Sumana turning 23 in the poem? :)

Nethra said...


you are becoming normal... :( :(
yeah man....just take that goddamn vacation. else you'll be one of those people who say 'life....what can you do abt it huh...?(sad smile)...hunchback in case of GS employees..

shrik said...

I wouldn't say the meals were of low quality - they were awesome!

Mmmm.. MTR upma...

southindianmasalapics said...

nice blog so i like it

shrik said...

Gentle reminder for poem change :P

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