Friday, April 20, 2007

Focus Su! Focus..

A month ago, with the second year at XLRI looming we were asked to pick our electives. I sat in between the two idiots I hang out with at XL and thought I'd get some quality advice from them. It was too late to stick around at sqaure one and I had to get somewhere. One of them is an ardent systems focussed fellow and the other one refuses to look in any direction that does not have discount rates and stock prices floating around.

Heh, I thought. I needed to first pick a focus, only then could I pick electives to specialize in it. I asked around, thought deeply, bugged peers and finally decided that I wanted to be a "fin girl". Hmmmm... it sounded interesting.

Now, I am currently sitting at my desk at an ultra fin company, doing my highly interesting summers. I came here expecting to burn, learn and earn. So far the only productive work I have gotten around to do is writing this blog. "But I am now fin focussed", I thought, "I will get in to the flow, start understanding things soon".

All went well till an incident at a training session last evening. After that I dread not only the next 8 weeks here, but also the next year. I was staring groggily at some CEO level person giving a CEO forum level talk, and paying little attention. He turned to a slide which said, "You matter to us" and I decided to listen to him. He started about how compensation is linked to our performance and then said "business analysts are hence like short-cap stocks!". The entire room burst into laughter and I looked around in shock. I ckecked the slide again and realized I understood nothing of it. What the hell was so funny that people were almost in tears!?! I sunk back in to my chair wondering where I have ended up.

So I am back to sqaure one. Fin is not my thing and it will never be. I look forward to 2 more months this summer to reinforce these opinions and I hope I won't be even more muddled up by then. Damn, I need to choose a new area to focus on. Sigh, first year... come back...

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Unknown said...

Oh oh oh pick systems! It kicks ass! Don't listen to losers who say otherwise - what do they know?

And why be a "fin girl" anyways? You're already a "fine girl".