Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Can anyone find my nerves?

I have a project presentation in exactly an hour. The Final One. My PPO, next year's CRP, CV hike, everything depends on these 20 minutes. It can decide my future. There will be no looking back from now on. 10 weeks on non-stop slogging comes down to this! I can feel the nervous tension in the air. My fellow interns are rehearsing and taking prints and timing themselves and everything.

I am blogging.

I am not worried if I'll exceed time limit, if I'll stumble and stutter or if I turn out to be clueless in front of the VP of the division. I'm worried that I am not feeling nervous. I have felt more nervous during Pondi's class tests, for heaven's sake! Hence I am calling out,

"Where the hell are my nerves?"

If you find them please give me a call, if not just call up and wish me. Lets see what happens.


Nethra said...

never mind!!!!

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