Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Three Investigators and the Case of Relentless Lizzie

Date: 14th July 2007
Location: Headquarters (the left corner, first floor, girls' hostel, XLRI)
Investigators: Diti, Shrik and Sumana
Suspect: Lizzie
Motive: Unknown

It was an unusually eerie night. Shrik and Sumana were just returning from the nearby ice-cream parlour, after having immensely enjoyed what was a satisfying dessert session. But as they walked back to their headquarters, they could sense the uneasiness in the air. There was a group of terrified female spectators staring with pure horror at Diti's room. Diti had just finished off her previous case, a 'batty' one in fact. But she had got on to the next mystery and was glad on Shrik and Su's arrival.

"There is a huge fat lizard in the room", She said.
"Where?", whispered Su.
"Behind the curtain", she pointed out.
Taking all that she had in her, Sumana approached the blood red curtains and pulled them aside. What she saw behind it, got a collective gasp from the room.
"Ewww", she said. "How did it get in?"
Diti then explained the case facts until then, stressing on the route taken and the approximated time of entry of the lizard.

The three of them watched the unsuspecting lizard from a distance, trying simultaneously to get more information on the suspect and at the same time draw a plan to get rid of it.

"It is on the window ledge, all we need to do is drive the lizard towards the top and then open the window and let it out", said Shrik. It sounded simple enough, but there was something about the lizard that made all the three of them consider that the task would be tougher.

"It is unusually fat", said Diti. There was something definitely weird about the physical characteristics. It also seemed to move slowly, or to be frank, not move at all.

"Maybe it's pregnant", suggested Su. "Wait a minute I know who this is, it's Lizzie".
Diti observed the lizard and confirmed the suspicions. "What if it lays eggs tonight? There will be little lizards swarming all over my room soon", Diti frantically exclaimed. It was time for some action. They needed to act fast and ruthless.

"Bring the broom", said Shrik "and all the newspapers you have". Once that was arranged, Shrik started prodding Lizzie to drive her up. She was at first reluctant, but moved slowly, casting threatening glances at us. Once she moved above the window ledge, the tougher task came to fray.

"I need one of you to help me open the window", said Shrik, "I can't do it alone"
The stakes? Any more jiggling than required would mean Lizzie would drop right on one of their palms while they were holding up the window. It was time for desperate measures. Su stood up to it, "I'll do it". But the window was harder to open than expected, thanks to dry paint on the latch. "Get a hanger", screamed Shrik. Once that was arranged, the window was soon opened. They stuffed the bottom with a huge pile of the ever useful and untouched editions of the Economic Times.

Shrik continued prodding with his broom, this time to get Lizzie to come down. She obviously didn't want to. She was too busy snatching at flies. After all, it is quite tough to get a pregnant lady to move a lot. But Shrik did not give up hope, he prodded with unmatched perseverance. Lizzie finally moved further down, skipped the open window but landed on the Eco Times.

At that instant, Shrik knew it was then or never. In a smooth sweeping motion he shoved the newspapers out of the window, and with them went Lizzie, desperately clinging on.

It was yet another sweet success as they hugged each other and wiped the beads of sweat from their foreheads. Perseverance had paid off and they retreated victoriously, looking forward to the next adventure.

Case solved. Chapter closed.


sat said...

yuck!!! lizards... seriously !!

Anonymous said...

pregnant lizard??? ROTFL... nice post newaz .... think the reptile kingdom is in love with the lil one i guess

Jonas said...

3 investigators reqd in room 427, GH4! suspicions r that lizzie's made a comeback here, along with her hubby this time! hurry! hurry!!

btw, i loved the homecoming post...john denver would have been proud! :)

Anonymous said...

well..y m i not surprised by this adventure... esp after yesterday!!
... sukriti :)